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Protective Packaging Solution Products
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Our company provides a wide range in Productive Packing Solutions. These are used by various prestigious clients for its unique features. We offer our clients with two types of Productive Packing Solutions, namely, Air Plus and Paper Plus. These are explained in detail below:

Paper Plus

We offer storopacks paperplus products that includes the classic line of machines that create ultra-strong paper cushioning mattresses, the paperplus ge our greater efficiency model that provides superior cushioning protection using less paper, and the paperplus shooter for high-speed paper filler. 

Protects the environment
Paper plus packaging products are made using a combination of recycled and virgin paper. They are recyclable and durable enough to be used many times. 
Product range:
  • Paperplus® cushioning pads
  • Paperplus® classic machines
  • Paperplus® shooter
  • Paperplus ge
  • Supplies and accessories 


Air Plus

AIRplus® Air Pillows and Cushion Film are made of AIRplus® CX Reclaim Film which is manufactured using Storopacks new Zero Waste Technology (ZWT) and our state-of-the-art co-extrusion process. ZWT re-introduces 100% of reclaimed material from the manufacture of our air products back into our process. Combining ZWT with our state-of-the-art co-extrusion results in air packaging products that provide superior in-the-box protection while maintaining #2 curbside recyclable properties.


Continuing Storopacks commitment to environmental "best practices" AIRplus® CX Reclaim Film :

  • Reintroduces the resources that might otherwise be discarded for waste, or sold for reprocessing
  • Uses less raw material in the manufacturing process providing source reduction
  • Reduces manufactured waste and disposal issues
  • Has #2 Curbside recyclable properties to encourage reuse of resources over and over again
AIRplus® machines are reliably built with versatile features.
  • Integrate easily into single or multiple packing stations
  • Completely programmable for speed and air fill
  • Easy loading and operation
  • Small footprint with fast output
  • All in-the-box AIRplus® protective products are interchangeable on AIRplus machines
Storopack AIRplus® Features
  • Adjustable inflation control so you get the right amount of cushion for your specific packaging requirements. 
  • Triple-layer co-extruded film supports source reduction, provides increased elasticity and reduced air leakage.
  • Perforated film for easy separation and handling. 
  • Produce on-demand to minimize inventory and storage, or produce in batches and feed through an integrated dispensing system.
  • A logo imprint option with pre-printed film displaying your company’s logo to build and reinforce branding.
  • AIRplus® Air Pillows
  • AIRplus® Cushion Film
  • AIRplus® Systems
  • AIRplus System Integration
  • AIRplus® Bag Separator
  • AIRplus IDS
  • AIRplus® Auto Feed and
  • AIRplus® Cushion Film Coiler
  • AIRplus® Tube
  • AIRplus® Wave 
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