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We offer a range of packaging machines that are used for packing cartons, boxes and ready products. These packaging machines give a very high quality finish. Our range comprises of :

Flow Wrapping Machine
We offer horizontal flow wrapping machines that are absolutely suitable for packing varied items. Our range of horizontal flow wrap machine is noiseless and provides trouble free operation. They are used to wrap diverse range of products like biscuits, ice cream, bread, automobile parts, soap, cake, candy, bearing and instant noodles. The Horizontal Flow Wrap Machines are offered in customized specifications as per the requirements of the client.
Applications :
  • Food: Cakes, Confectionary, Chocolates, Candles, etc.
  • Pharma: I.V Bottles, Catheters, Syringes, hand gloves, Medicines, Diapers, etc.
  • Engineering: Bearing and electrical parts.
  • Others: Stationery, Pencils, Sharpeners, Bopp Tappes, Audio/CD, Educational Packs, Magazines,  Credit Cards, etc. 
Shrink Bundling System

Our shrink bundling system uses PLC-controlled shrink tunnel to adjust parameters for excellent bull’s eye placement at varying in feed rates. Convect air™ shrink tunnel operates at lower temperatures for highest energy efficiency. Technically advanced model sb-2030 of sb – series shrink bundlers offers the most consistent shrink bundling performance during operation. Our shrink bundling system is efficient for wrapping up to 30 transport packs per minute with low energy consumption and consistent bulls-eye placement. The bundler is ideal for product shipped on corrugated trays, pads, u-boards or with film only such as canned goods, beverages, ice cream, household chemicals and cleaners. 

Skin Packaging Machines
Compak Skin Packaging Machines are efficient to work with any skin packaging film and board. Loaded with features, these stationary oven machines take about half the floor space of our competitions moving ovens. It has no moving parts to wear out and you get precise control in a stationary oven which eliminates the dangers and mechanical failures associated with moving vents or those with heating block devices. 
Each model of skin packaging machine is specifically designed to handle standard master board sizes of 18x24, 24x30, 24x36, and 30x36 inches.
Many retail display packs can be dying cut from individual master boards. The simple film cut-off system - standard on all models - dramatically increases production efficiency. The cut-off automatically separates the finished package from the continuous roll of film, and the skin packaging machine is ready for the next cycle. The features are patented Thermo pulse impulse heating system that heats instantly at the beginning of each cycle and cools immediately at the end of the cycle so theres no wasted energy. It has many safety features including a high-tech pneumatic circuit to prevent the film tray from dropping if a power failure occurs and a back plate is included to eliminate operator pinch points.

Following are the industries we serve :
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Trade
  • General Merchandise 
Filling Machines

Compak’s level filler destined to the beverages industry was launched in the international market in 2004. There are 2 models available of these filling machines : one for still liquids (still water juices, spirits) that uses a level filling technology, and one for carbonated liquids (still or sparkling water, juices, soft-drinks, beer) that employs the isobaric filling system. This can process glass or pet containers, with an output speed from 12,000 to 100,000 bottles/hour. The pitch ranges are 94 mm for maximum bottle diameter of 89 mm; 113 mm for maximum bottle diameter of 108 mm and 126 mm for maximum bottle diameter of 115 mm. The number of filling valves varies between 40 and 160 based on machine output speed and pitch.

Over Wrapping Machine

We offer precision engineered automatic small and medium size over wrapping machines cartons that are widely used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries. These automatic over wrapping machine provide high performance and deliver excellent output owing to compact design and manufactured in conformation with the latest needs of the aforementioned industries.

  • Pharmaceuticals : Inhaler Cartons, Liquid syrup cartons, Sutures cartons, Contact lens cartons, micro slide cartons, Tablets Cartons.
  • Food & Beverages : Spices Cartons, Ready premixes cartons, Tea bags cartons, Tea Cartons, Ghee Cartons, Bubble gums, and Chocolates.
  • Cosmetics : Perfumes cartons, Deodorants,  Hair Dye cartons, Soaps, Detergents, creams, pastes, Toothpastes, Ear buds cartons, Refreshing tissues, Talcum Powder.
  • Magnetic Industry : Audio cassettes, Video Cassettes, and Compact Disc.
  • Stationery : Erasers, Stick notes pads, index card wrapper.
  • Games : Games Cards, Playing cards, Video games cartons, Educational toys, and Board games.
  • Tobacco : Cigarettes, cigars, Bidis
  • Confectionery : Biscuits, Chocolates. 
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