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Shrink Wrapping Machines

SEMI AUTOMATIC Shrink Wrapping MachineS

We offer semi-automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines and tunnels. the semi automatic angular machines of the modular series apply to all companies where packing flexibility, product quality and limited investment are fundamental parameters. Technically and aesthetically updated in recent times, the modular series can offer excellent performances with any kind of packing material (polythene too) thanks to the self-regulating electronically controlled temperature sealing system and the most advanced safety systems. The possibility of an automatic or semiautomatic operation in combination with the possibility of customizing the 6 programs make modular a user-friendly and high-output machine, also thanks to the built-in (standard) film reminder and the possibility of perfectly interfacing with the new tunnel 50 and tunnel 70.

SEMI AUTOMATIC Shrink Wrapping MachineS


We have four models of chamber machines designed for customers with different production needs to reach an optimum ratio price/performances and reliability in time. Different production requirements are satisfied by the four distinct chamber machines models. Standard shrinking magnet assembled on machine, washable stainless steel lower chamber to grant better hygiene in foodstuff packing, six working programs available directly by the electronic control panel that drive all machine functions (and automatically adjust sealing time, avoiding fumes caused by sealing blade overheating), sealing by adjustable impulse blade, security thermostat with warning signal to find out troubleshooting, sliding trolley and adjustable working surface, film micro puncher, motorized winder, are the features of FM range. Two working possibilities (sealing only or sealing + shrinking).


AUTOMATIC Shrink Wrapping MachineS

We are offering automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines and tunnels.From now on, the size of the products is no more a limit thanks to UNIKA 50. Products of big and small dimensions and, most of all, of an unlimited length could be packed thanks to the exclusive independent sealing bar system, which overcomes the now old concept of “unique L-loom”.


Features Of Autmatic Shrink Wrapping Machines :

  • Adjustable belt speed by inverter 
  • Electronic counter-cycles 
  • Automatic control of the switch-on functions 
  • 4 product-reading photocells 
  • Visible and acoustic emergency signal 
  • 8 languages display 
  • Integrated and movable roll support 
  • Receiver for compressed air 
  • In-feed and out-feed electronic door to interface any additional feed belt 
  • Machine placed on adjustable feet and wheels 
  • New micro-puncher kit with adjustable tensioning film 


We understand that outer appearance of the product plays a vital role in marketing the product, hence special attention to the packaging must be considered as primary requirement. ST-Series™ shrink tunnels utilize a "soft convection" shrink packaging process in an efficiently designed chamber that uniformly bathes the film bubble with hot air. Users are reworking 10-30% of their packages and production lines are running well below their rated capacity. Equipment is constantly in need of repair and many attempts are made by customers to modify their machines in order to overcome technological issues. The ST-Series shrink tunnels utilizes a "soft convection" shrink wrapping process in an efficiently designed chamber that uniformly bathes the film bubble with hot air.



Poor shrink package quality is often the result of non-intuitive mechanical adjustments, dependence on precise time, speed and temperature control and changes in seal quality due to dirt and/or film build-up. Thus,Shrink Wrappers are designed to sort out all such aforesaid problems. Exclusive range of our Shrink Wrappers are best to eliminate many of the common shrink film wrapping problems that often result in poor package quality.


The Shrink Wrappers is widely used by customers because :

  • Simple, intuitive mechanical adjustments make our shrink wrap machine easy for operators to set up.
  • Extra large operating sweet spot for time, speed and temperature control significantly improve "first out" quality.
  • Shrink Wrap machines have successful track record to improving the productivity levels by reducing rework due to poor package quality and preventing downtime associated with time consuming changeovers.


Semiautomatic sleeve sealing Machine can be pushed manually or pneumatically. After the process of sealing & cutting, the products enter the shrink tunnel automatically. The machine is suitable for shrink packing both single object and combined objects

SEMI AUTOMATIC Shrink Wrapping MachineS

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q- 1. What types of Shrink Wrapping Machines does Compak manufacture?
Compak offers a diverse range of Shrink Wrapping Machines tailored to meet various packaging needs. Our lineup includes L-bar sealers, heat tunnels, and automatic shrink wrapping systems designed for different industries and applications.

Q- 2. Can Compak provide custom shrink wrapping solutions for specific business requirements?
Yes, Compak specializes in delivering customized shrink wrapping solutions. Our team collaborates with clients to understand their unique packaging needs, ensuring the design and configuration of the machines align with specific industry requirements.

Q- 3. How does Compak ensure the quality and durability of its Shrink Wrapping Machines?
At Compak, we prioritize quality and durability. Our Shrink Wrapping Machines undergo rigorous testing processes to meet international standards. We use high-quality materials and employ advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure our machines deliver reliable and long-lasting performance.

Q- 4. What support and services does Compak offer post-purchase?
Compak is committed to providing comprehensive post-purchase support. Our services include installation assistance, training for machine operation, and ongoing technical support. We also offer maintenance services to ensure optimal performance throughout the lifespan of our Shrink Wrapping Machines.

Q- 5. Is there a warranty provided with Compak's Shrink Wrapping Machines?
Yes, all Compak Shrink Wrapping Machines come with a warranty to guarantee their performance and functionality. The warranty period may vary depending on the specific model and can be discussed with our sales team. Additionally, we offer extended warranty options for added peace of mind.

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